Saturday, November 23, 2013

Revisiting Youth Sunday, from the youth point of view

Youth Sunday was November 10. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put the Youth Sunday service together:
Youth Sunday is a very exciting and eye-opening experience in the Autumn of each Youth season. It brings together all the youth, their leaders, and the entire congregation for a great morning for music, worship, and fellowship.
But do you really know everything about Youth Sunday? Probably not, but the behind the scenes work is even more rigorous and time-consuming than you would have a hint of believing. Our Youth Fall Retreat is a fun time for getting away from our everyday lives, to be closer to God and each other, and a great opportunity to get down in the mud and the outdoors (literally). But another important opportunity we have is to work on each part of the Youth Sunday services. With many parts in the services, such as the Call to Worship and the Benediction, we really need to hunker down and make a lot of progress.

A great aspect of Youth Sunday (that is very unique to us as a group) is the large variety of music we bring to worship. Whether it’s Brian playing his French horn, or Ashlyn singing into the pulpit microphone, there is a nice touch of musicality throughout the service. I myself am a part of the Youth Choir and Youth Bells, and it’s so fun just to stand up in the choir loft or down in front of the Dias and spread the word through my voice and the bells.
It is a Sunday favorite amongst many members of Trinity and the Youth, and it is with pleasure to present all our talents and passions in worship together.
By Caden Hirsch