Thursday, April 30, 2015

Trinity's Early Response Team Gets Training

Bob and Myrt Dorroh organized a CPR training class for Trinity's Early Response Team earlier this month. Participants learned how to help adults, youth, babies and those in wheelchairs, as well as choking victims and people who may be suffering from a stroke. They gained a wealth of very helpful information that they hope to never need to use!

Early Response Teams, or ERTs, are not a first-response group, but fill a specific need in the early days after a disaster, such as cleaning out flood-damaged homes, removing debris, and otherwise helping prevent further damage while providing a caring Christian presence.

Following the Colorado floods in September 2013, Trinity's ERT helped Estes Park UMC clean up and make minor repairs in and around their property and provided prayers for all the families effected.

For more information on becoming involved with Trinity's ERT group, please contact the church office at 303-839-1493.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Staff Pick! Book Recommendation from Angie Cummins, Church Administrator

What To Do When There's Too Much To Do by Laura Stack
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As a mom who works full time, efficiency and organization are important aspects of my life each and every day. While my job as Trinity’s Church Administrator offers me flexibility that other positions might not, I still have to be on my toes to ensure that the church runs smoothly and everyone at home is fed and has clean clothes. Oh, and that there is time to ski or hike on weekends, too!
As a member of a book club that meets once a month, I enjoy a good novel here and there, but I also try to include a self-improvement or productivity book when I can. I love tips for being organized, but often find that I am already employing them. I recently read a book by Colorado author and “Productivity Pro” Laura Stack that caught my attention. Written in 2012, her book offers fundamental and philosophical approaches to organization, time management, and institutional challenges as well as practical tips to improve work flow, organization, and overall effectiveness.  For years I used the Franklin Covey planner to plan my work and work my plan and loved the basic structure the system provided for my life and goals. With the increase of email and electronic planners and the reduction of paper, my daily planner has taken a backseat to my handheld device, and I miss the fundamental virtues upon which the Franklin planner was built. Stack’s book was a reminder that you need to make time for the “big rocks” and priorities in your life and that if you are organized and have control over the fundamentals, the smaller, less important issues will fall to the bottom, exactly where they belong. The book touts that you can save 90 minutes a day by using her tips and tricks. There are no gimmicks, and the practical application of her suggestions impacts my overall effectiveness on any given day. She calls it her Productivity Workflow Formula (PWF) and encourages the reader to organize life around those things that are actually important and those things that appear to be important but really aren’t. Using strategies I learned from this book that reduce or eliminate distractions, interruptions, commitments, and inefficiencies, I have been able to reduce my to-do list and increase my productivity.
The book is a quick read (I couldn’t put it down), and while I initially read it on an e-reader, I also ended up purchasing a copy for my permanent collection and so I could make notes. The author has a website ( that offers a free 6-day productivity email course and lists her other books as well as productivity quizzes to assess your skills and areas of opportunity. I enjoyed this and hope you will too!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In Case You Missed It...Artist Showcase

A sampling of long-time Trinity member Steve Hostetler's photographs were recently showcased in the Artist Display Case on Level 2 of the Plaza Building. It's not a large case, but it is always filled with beautiful works of art by Trinity members. We asked Steve to tell us a little more about his gift for photography:

"Photography has been part of my life for about as long as I can remember. My first camera in the mid 1970s was a plastic camera from Shakey's Pizza that took 120 roll film. I carried it everywhere taking pictures of family, pets and everything else that caught my eye. At 15,  my parents bought me my own 35mm camera, and off I went! I photographed wildlife, air shows, flowers, landscapes and loved taking pictures of my friends' band in high school. Eventually I began photographing some of the rock bands that came through Colorado Springs in the 80s, but I could never get approval to photograph the big bands that came to Denver arenas.

Fast forward 35 years...I still love photography more than any other job I have ever had. In 2013 I started Steve Hostetler Photography and turned passion into profession. I continued to pursue music photography and am now the concert photographer for 98.5 KYGO radio and contributor to the Denver Post's music blog. I have photographed more than 135 acts from George Strait to Merle Haggard and shoot around 25 shows a year. I was privileged to photograph the Trinity Christmas Concert last year. I was also asked to photograph a CD cover for American Idol finalist Kristy Lee Cook in 2014. I've photographed President Obama, Governor Romney, Governor Hickenlooper and other public figures.

Most of my work is portrait photography, professional and business headshots, event photography, wildlife, landscape and fine art photography, but I can photograph anything!

Photography lets me "see." It allows me to visualize things differently. I am blessed to be able to capture visual images in a unique and memorable way. I have often been told that my images have "life." I believe it's because when I photograph people, I concentrate on their eyes. Eyes have to sparkle! I can't begin to express the joy of making an image that makes people feel something. I want people to feel like they are there themselves.

Thanks to Trinity Music & Arts Ministry for the opportunity to display my photography during the month of March!  I hope you enjoyed it. Please contact me if you have any questions or have any need for photography—senior portrait season is right around the corner!"

View more of Steve's photography at