Thursday, October 20, 2016

We Can Make a Difference - Tim Mueller

from Tim Mueller's witness during worship on October 16, 2016

I grew up here at Trinity. Our parents met here and us kids had the opportunity to grow up taking advantage of the children’s and youth programs. 

My wife Julie and I have attended Trinity together since 1985 and were blessed to have had our children Emma and Danny participate in many of the great programs offered by the Children’s and Youth Ministries. Emma continues to work here as the Youth Assistant.

When Pastor Mike asked me to talk during worship, he suggested I consider ‘Why do we give?’ For us, it is really more of a question of ‘How can we not give?’

First, I nurture my faith at Trinity and find this historic Sanctuary a place to connect and cherish the challenging discussions and fellowship in our Sunday School class. Mainly, I am here because of the people at Trinity. I am sincerely inspired by so many of the people here on our staff, lay leadership teams, service and mission groups, amazing Music and Arts Ministry and members who smile and greet each other and visitors with the same warm and welcoming spirit. I’m inspired by some of my closest and dearest friends who we know through our Sunday School class, 2x2s Growing in Faith Together.

I am inspired by the commute most of us make to get to Trinity every week. I’ve heard Trinity referred to as a ‘regional beacon’ and I celebrate this.
Over 83% of Trinity members live more than 3 miles from the church. I’m inspired because this takes commitment, and we are all here because we want to be. I believe God is present here and is working through all of us.

I continue to be inspired by some of our members who have been here since I can remember and have had a profound impact on my life. They walk the talk and demonstrate what it means to be a part of the church and support each other through their gifts, presence and active participation. Selfishly, getting my weekly hugs from Anita, Roberta, Joan, Willa, Nancy, Margaret, Liz and others recharges me and gets me ready for the coming week.

I am inspired by our Youth, who in my opinion have more wisdom and input to give than we generally give them credit for. Next Sunday, Oct 23rd is Youth Sunday, and I encourage everyone to attend as it is one of my favorites of the year. I am inspired by our Young Families and their children with bright smiles, enthusiasm and untethered questions. They are the future of our church. I am inspired by our Young Adults and was fortunate to have made some new friends last spring during the Trinity Runs Colfax event coordinated by Brian Lee. Although older, and certainly slower than most, if not all of them, they welcomed me to participate in the weekly devotions on Thursday evenings. It was a great experience.

The theme of our current campaign is We Can Make a Difference. I believe We Have Made a Difference, We Are Making a Difference and We Can Make a Difference. Our unique location and amazing congregation empowers us to continue to do so. Our financial support translates into staff and the many programs offered, along with the operations and maintenance of our historic and thriving church buildings. Julie and I will participate in Generosity Sunday on Nov. 13 and submit our estimate of giving commitment. We encourage you all to do the same.

God Bless and Thank You,

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

An Invitation to Insecurity

By Marilyn McEntyre

What if we actually believed the counterintuitive claim that spiritual teachers from Jesus on have insisted upon against all concrete evidence: You are safe in the arms of God
Our lives might look significantly different. They would certainly be more conspicuously countercultural. Imagine for a moment what it might be like not to live in the fear that keeps us clinging to our "sense of safety" a little too tightly. We would say what we meant. Kindly, one hopes, but clearly, without fear of reprisal.
We would give away money, things, time, much less guardedly.
We would make our decisions in a spirit of deep attention to the call of the moment, listening and moving with the invitation of the Spirit to act without second-guessing.
We would plan less. We would let things unfold.
We would behave as children do who know their parents' watchful eyes are on them—in the freedom of knowing someone will catch them if they fall.
If we realized, even now and then, how securely we are held in God's arms, if we could meditate on Jesus' words not to fear anything that destroys the body, we might occasionally look around and recognize in our worldly habitat a playground of possibilities.

Shared by Rev. Lee Anderson-Harris