Wednesday, October 12, 2016

An Invitation to Insecurity

By Marilyn McEntyre

What if we actually believed the counterintuitive claim that spiritual teachers from Jesus on have insisted upon against all concrete evidence: You are safe in the arms of God
Our lives might look significantly different. They would certainly be more conspicuously countercultural. Imagine for a moment what it might be like not to live in the fear that keeps us clinging to our "sense of safety" a little too tightly. We would say what we meant. Kindly, one hopes, but clearly, without fear of reprisal.
We would give away money, things, time, much less guardedly.
We would make our decisions in a spirit of deep attention to the call of the moment, listening and moving with the invitation of the Spirit to act without second-guessing.
We would plan less. We would let things unfold.
We would behave as children do who know their parents' watchful eyes are on them—in the freedom of knowing someone will catch them if they fall.
If we realized, even now and then, how securely we are held in God's arms, if we could meditate on Jesus' words not to fear anything that destroys the body, we might occasionally look around and recognize in our worldly habitat a playground of possibilities.

Shared by Rev. Lee Anderson-Harris

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