Thursday, July 13, 2017

There is a Super Hero in all of us. What are your Super Powers?

By Allison Watkins, Director of Children's Ministry

Every year there is a new action-packed, box office hit movie where superheroes are back in the spotlight. As we watch the comic book characters come to life with their amazing feats and super powers, we may wonder what super powers we would most like to possess.  We may wish to fly, scale buildings, have super-human strength or simply be invisible.

In June, Trinity was transformed into Hero Central, where over 135 children and volunteers reported to Headquarters wearing capes and masks for an amazing week at Vacation Bible School. Each day the children gathered at the VBS Hero Central Assembly Time with Flame the Red Panda Puppet and Captain Shield and shared the Hero Code of the day, relayed messages from Headquarters and recited the Hero Pledge: “Do Good, Seek Peace and Go After It! God’s Heroes have Heart! Courage! Wisdom! Hope! and Power!”

Every day brought epic adventures alongside biblical heroes learning Bible stories through crafts, recreation games, science experiments, story-telling, snack creations, mission moments, dancing and singing. They discovered their strength in God, explored God’s mission for their lives, and realized qualities within that make them every day super heroes!

Our mission for the week was Heifer International. We learned about the important work they do in the world; how they help the people of Rwanda and how we could be super heroes by empowering a family.  The children brought their money and watched the collection grow throughout the week, hoping to meet their goal of $500 to purchase a cow.  By Friday afternoon, the super power of giving was very apparent among our VBS family.  The children had carried their baggies full of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and bills – donating over $1200!  Enough to purchase 2 cows and a goat for a family in Rwanda!

This is always a powerful week for everyone who is here.  We may at times wish we had super powers like the characters in movies but what we discovered this week is that we already have super powers within us.  God has given us the power of faith, laughter, peace, praise, wisdom, forgiveness, friendship, prayer, thankfulness, caring, giving, joy, kindness, love, sharing and smiling.

Together we are all disciples of Jesus helping each other on our spiritual journeys and providing an adventurous Vacation Bible School for our children!

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.”  — Maya Angelou

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Quiet Disciple: Cynthia Mousel

By Caroline Lee, Chancel Choir President

Each year, the Chancel Choir gives the Quiet Disciple award to a member of our choir community who exemplifies joy in giving, service without expectation and the bond of community. In past years, we have given this award to Jim Feickert, Jim Utzinger, Susan Turman, Diane Theobald and Dennis Semin. 

This year's Quiet Disciple was given to Cynthia Mousel at the Chancel Choir's end-of-season banquet on June 14. Each summer, when our regular season is done and we hang up our robes for a summer hiatus, Cynthia makes it her sacred mission to take home every single robe (all 100+ of them) and lovingly wash them. She does this without seeking recognition or notice, but simply as a way to service the Chancel Choir. And that’s just one example of the ways that she has served the choir over the years. We are proud to honor Cynthia with the Quiet Disciple Award for the 2016-17 choir season!