Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Quiet Disciple: Cynthia Mousel

By Caroline Lee, Chancel Choir President

Each year, the Chancel Choir gives the Quiet Disciple award to a member of our choir community who exemplifies joy in giving, service without expectation and the bond of community. In past years, we have given this award to Jim Feickert, Jim Utzinger, Susan Turman, Diane Theobald and Dennis Semin. 

This year's Quiet Disciple was given to Cynthia Mousel at the Chancel Choir's end-of-season banquet on June 14. Each summer, when our regular season is done and we hang up our robes for a summer hiatus, Cynthia makes it her sacred mission to take home every single robe (all 100+ of them) and lovingly wash them. She does this without seeking recognition or notice, but simply as a way to service the Chancel Choir. And that’s just one example of the ways that she has served the choir over the years. We are proud to honor Cynthia with the Quiet Disciple Award for the 2016-17 choir season! 

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  1. Cynthia Mousel is serving in a way that honors the Lord and serves the church in a wonderfully personal way. Someone said "We are God's hands, feet and voices on earth." I'm pretty sure Cynthia gets a "Well done my good and faithful servant" for her commitment to this task of love and service.