Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Look at Our Past: Trinity's Memorial Baptismal Font

By David Sanger

One of the prominent features of Trinity’s Sanctuary is the baptismal font; the angel holds a bowl in her outstretched arms for the baptismal water. The placement is such that she is only lighted by sunlight from the south windows during the Advent season. The story of this memorial gift from Edward and Amelia Eddy is a fascinating one.

 William B. Sampson married Ellen Potter on September 17, 1879, and settled in Georgetown, Colorado. Their daughter, Ellen Amelia, was born December 13, 1880. Five days after the birth of their daughter, mother Ellen died; she is buried in the Alvarado Cemetery in Georgetown. William, a miner, was unable to care for baby Ellen, and she was adopted by Edward and Amelia Blamey Eddy, William’s aunt and uncle. They were unable to have children of their own, but had the resources to care for a child. Unfortunately baby Ellen Amelia died at age 4 on January 1, 1884, of unknown causes.

Edward and Amelia had immigrated to Colorado from Cornwall, England. He was one of the best-known mining experts in the United States, and became wealthy as an ore buyer and one of the owners of the Omaha and Grant Smelter Company.  The Eddys made a substantial contribution to the construction of Trinity ($1,500) and paid for the baptismal font as a memorial to their lost child. The angel is carved from pure white Carrara marble and sits on a granite pedestal. It was created at a cost of $825. Edward died of heart failure in 1896, at age 57, and his wife returned to England, but their gift still graces Trinity’s Sanctuary and inspires those who see her.

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  1. Thank you for writing this post! I’m a student at the University of Denver and I’m writing a paper about this beautiful baptismal font. I was able to visit the church on Thursday and got a great tour of the sanctuary with Mr. Lynn Willcockson. I wondered, do you know who the artist or company was that actually made the angel? Also, I noticed an inscription on the top of the granite base going around, but the third side isn’t visible due to the angel’s placement against the choir wall. It begins “He shall gather the lambs with His arms…” Thank you for your help, and the information!- Ashley M.